Help to save amphibians of our town and region today! Go for a walk and get involved!

What is Ogółnołódzki Żabing?

What is Ogółnołódzki Żabing? Ogółnołódzki Żabing is a citizen science project, whose aim is to inventory amphibians in the city and region of Łódź to improve the level of conservation. Another goal is to raise awareness of city dwellers about protected areas and species that are legally protected. Everyone, no matter the age or knowledge, can take part in the project.

How to take part?

Go for a walk to a body of water/river/field drain/wetland of your choice, become a herpetologist (a scientist who specializes in the study of reptiles and amphibians) and observe if there are any amphibians. Try to identify them with binoculars or a camera. Use your hearing – amphibians are masters of camouflage, but they can be loud during mating season. Look closely and check if you can see a spawn, tadpoles, or any fish. REMEMBER NOT TO TOUCH OR MOVE ANY GROWN FROGS, SPAWN, OR TADPOLES! All amphibians are legally protected in Poland. It is worth documenting observed amphibians. You can take some pictures or record them if you can. Submit your observation by completing the form available in the "ZGŁOŚ" tab. Lack of amphibians is also an important observation, so if there were no amphibians, also submit it! If you’re unable to identify grown amphibians, don’t tick any specific species in the form, that’s also OK! You can send us photos or recordings at: [email protected] and we’ll help you identify the species. You can find more information on how to send files at the end of that form and after submitting it.

Please go to “informacje” tab for additional materials that can help you how to tell species based on look and sound and helpful maps.